Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bottled Kittens !!!!!!!!!!

I recieved this email today;

This makes me sick.

READ THIS PLEASE (all of it!)


A site that we were able to shut last year has returned. We are trying to shut it down again! A Japanese man in New York breeds and sells
kittens that are called BONSAI CATS. That would sound cute, if it
wasn't kittens, days old, that were squeezed into tiny bottles after being given a tranquilizer and then stay there, for the rest of their lives, so that they can be put on a mantelpiece and be poked and laughed at. The cats are fed through a straw and their faces struggle to reach up the neck of the bottle where there is a tiny airhole. They
are treated like absolute shit. The skeleton of the kitten will take
on the form of the bottle as the kitten grows. The cats never get the opportunity to move apart from the first few days they are alive with their mother. These 'ornaments' are sold cheaply and used as souvenirs. They are the latest trends in New York, China, Indonesia and New Zealand. If your still not convinced PLEASE LOOK ON Please help to stop this
sickness. Spare a thought for them today. This petition needs 1000
names, so please put your one name on it!!! Copy the text into a new email and put your name on the bottom, then send it to everyone you know.
If there are 1000 names on the list, please send it to NOW!
NOTE- Copy this e-mail, paste it into a new one - DON'T forward it.
Add your name, and send it to everyone you New" know!

How gullible are people. This email was actually signed by over 500 people who actually believe that some insane person is stuffing kittens into bottles, supergluing their anus's to a hole in the bottle of the jar and then feed the kitten until it takes up all the room in the jar.................. Then people are purchasing the jars stuffed cat and put them on their shelves to look at. Yeah right!!!!!!!



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