Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Now men cant sit next to children!!!

What next. Now men cant sit next to children in airplanes in New Zealand. Whats wrong with the stupid people who put these dumb laws into place. I believe the people who make these laws shouldnt be allowed to sit next to children. They will pollute the kids heads with their folly.

Where is this going to stop? Soon we wont be allowed to sit next to kids on a train, bus or anywhere in public. I remember a time where kids once gave their seat to an adult. Now we have to give our seats to them.

New Zealand has become a PC joke. We now have to be so careful that we dont offend the maori, women, muslems, jews, handicapped, blacks, imigrants, animals, seals, gays, whales, TV presenters, Winston Peters, the poor, children, the aged, employees, and anyone else who want to get in on the bandwagon.

By the way, I have nothing against any of these people or animals, its just that its getting to a point where you cant say "I dont agree with the whales and the seals and am sick of all their moaning" and everyone immediately jumps up and down and says you are picking on them and you are the one who has the problem.

It seems okay however, to offend the men of the nation who seem to be taking the wrap for the odd paedophile who happens to catch a plane.

We are not all paedophiles and most of us love kids and enjoy having a chat with them. They remind us when we were young, they give us chances to revisit our childhood, they help us keep young when we are getting old.

Whats wrong with this nation?


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